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Ocular Emergencies

Accidents can occur at work or home, including eye injuries. At Vespa Vision Centre, we're fully prepared to handle eye emergencies and the care of your eyes in such situations. If necessary, we'll refer you to the right specialist for your eye injury. Your eye health is our priority!

Some examples of accidents that warrant a visit to your optometrist!


Corneal Abrasion

A corneal abrasion usually occurs when an object or fingernail scratches the cornea's outer layer, causing pain, redness, and potential vision loss depending on the location. Quick healing is common, but it's crucial to consult your optometrist to prevent corneal infection, which can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated promptly. Treatment often involves artificial tears for lubrication and a bandage contact lens to reduce corneal surface friction.

Corneal Foreign Body

A corneal foreign body can be comprised of any material, most commonly steel fragments from grinding, entering the eye causing irritation, redness, and pain. High-velocity debris can embed in the cornea, requiring careful removal by an optometrist. Neglecting this can lead to infection and vision loss. Common debris types include steel, wood, plant matter, and plastic. The photo shows steel debris in the cornea, needing precise removal with a microscope.

corneal-foreign body.jpg


Conjunctivitis, which affects the eye tissues around the cornea, comes in two main types: viral and bacterial. Viral conjunctivitis starts with mild symptoms but can worsen, causing a red, painful, swollen eye. Bacterial infections are rarer but more severe, characterized by distinctive pus discharge. Viral infections may resolve on their own, but some can be severe. Bacterial infections need ophthalmic antibiotics.


Conjunctivitis also includes non-infectious types like allergic, toxic exposure, and contact lens-related, which typically require anti-inflammatory drops instead of antibiotics used for bacterial conjunctivitis.

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