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LASIK Consultations

At Vespa Vision Centre, we provide LASIK Consultations to help you begin your journey towards clearer vision. Our team of dedicated specialists is committed to guiding you through the LASIK eye surgery process, addressing your concerns, and providing expert advice!

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts?

For patients who want to be liberated from the necessity of glasses or contacts correction to see clearly, or who live an active lifestyle that they feel is impeded by the need for glasses/contacts, LASIK is an alternative option. LASIK surgery allows patients in Windsor to have clear vision by modifying the curvature of their cornea to change their refractive error


Meet Our Experienced LASIK Consultant

Dr. Vespa, with over 20 years of experience in eye care, worked closely with top LASIK surgeons Dr. Tayfour and Dr. Emara in Windsor. His experience as an eye doctor with LASIK allows him to determine whether LASIK will be a viable option for correcting your refractive error, and whether or not you will be a good candidate.

Dr. Dan Vespa

LASIK Eligibility Testing

At Vespa Vision Centre we have all the equipment necessary to provide you with the services of testing your LASIK eligibility. Book an Appointment or Call our office today to schedule an appointment if you are interested in LASIK!

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