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Eye Exam

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a personalized, non-invasive method that helps people improve their different vision skills. It's often used to fix vision problems that make it hard to learn, read, or keep your eyes healthy in general. Vision therapy is different from self-directed eye training because it is done under the guidance of an optometrist or other eye care professionals.

Who Can Benefit From Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can help people of all ages, but it is usually suggested for children as well as adults who have a number of different vision problems, such as:

Lazy Eye

Medically knows as Amblyopia. Vision therapy can help improve vision in the weaker eye.

Eye Tracking

It can enhance the ability to follow a line of text or a moving object.

Double Vision

Medically known as Convergence Insufficiency, vision therapy corrects difficulties with focusing on near objects.


Helps align the eyes properly.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

It's important to get a full eye checkup to rule out any vision problems before thinking about vision therapy. After that, an eye doctor can tell you if vision training is the best way to help you.

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